Wholesale & Commercial products

Are you interested in becoming an I Want Candy wholesaler? Contact us at orders@iwantcandy.us
 Prices on our web site are all RETAIL pricing. We are adding more product regularly so check back often. The following items are offered at wholesale pricing with special options for qualified retailers. Looking for a specific design on our web site, but not listed here? Please contact us at orders@iwantcandy.us
We have so many designs and we would be happy to get it listed here right away. Lollipops are sold in gift sets OR can be bulk packaged for individual sale. Individual unit are sold in minimums of 20 pieces.
We can customize flavors, designs and we even customized our lollipop sticks! We welcome the opportunity to discuss a variety of options with you!
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Yes! We customize.