Vintage Confections #rockinit with the Chicago Tribune BlueSky Innovation!

We have been so proud and honored over the years to have been featured in blogs, newspapers, television and international events such as London Fashion Week.  Today was a big day for us being featured in our home town of Chicago and by our very own Chicago Tribune.  Particularly Bluesky Innovation recognizing our innovative abilities and talents as successful entrepreneurs.  We have a lot of surprises this year for our fans and followers.  Meanwhile, we are #rockinit with the Chicago Tribune's Bluesky Innovation team.  Thanks to everyone who keeps in touch with us and to our friends, family and staff who stick by us every single step of the way.  We would be nothing without any one of you. 

To our amazing staff - You guys #rockit every single day and night.  We are so grateful for every single one of you and look forward to many years of { sweet } creativity.  You never complain (at least not to our faces!!) and you come to work every day to have fun.  We love that there is laughter in our kitchen and music playing in the background.  We believe in each and every one of you and are so glad you enjoy coming to work no matter how demanding it can be.

Candy makes people smile.  No one better than your own employees to whistle and sing while they work.  Thanks again to the Chicago Tribune for this article.  It meant the world to us to have our local paper out to learn about our business.

"We are the music makers,

And we are the dreamers of dreams..."

-Willy Wonka (Originally Arthur O'Shaugnessey)