Surprise reptile party for Jack - make your own edible reptile terrarium

June 18 marked the 7th birthday of my 4th son, Jack.  (His "real" name is John...since my husband says we don't give kids nicknames.  How Jack is a nickname for John - both 4 letters - is beyond me but he wins...I digress).

We hired a local reptile show Dave DiNaso's Traveling World of Reptiles which was worth every penny.  After the show, kids made an edible reptile terrarium.  Here's how we did it.  First, a picture of the birthday boy Jack giving an alligator a hug:



What you need:

.33 oz. terriarium/fish tank (local pet store)

5 Oreo cookies (aka dirt)

1/2 C edible chocolate rocks

Qty. 1 super long gummy snake

Qty. 1 green rock candy (branch for the snake to wind his long body around)

Qty. 1 Tootsie Roll (aka log for frog to perch on)

Qty. 1 gummy poison dart frog

We assembled these into kits for each kid.  

Each component was in its own snack bag making it easy to remove all of the bags

keeping the edibles from getting mixed up.

Easy instructions: have kids remove all of the components from their kit.

Crush the Oreos inside the baggie - empty onto terriarium floor

Empty edible chocolate rocks on top of crushed Oreos (dirt)

Wrap the gummy snake around his branch and insert the base of the rock candy into the corner.

Unwrap the Tootsie Roll "log" and place it in the terrarium

Prop the frog up on his log


The whole project took about 30 minutes from start to finish.  The kids enjoyed eating some of the candy while making their terrariums but we love the relevant "favor" for each kid that kept them involved in the theme of our party. We also gave each kid one of these edible image lollipops featuring snake skins!

Happy Birthday 7th birthday Jack!!!