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So we made it in the local paper recently which of course we were excited about. The poor people at the Patch were probably so sick of us rescheduling the appointment to talk about our { sweet } little world but truth be told very few understood what we were going through last fall. 

Since 2008, Vintage Confections has been a quietly successful little nook at Etsy.  We've made fortune cookies, marshmallows, caramels, cake balls, truffles, lollipops...and that's where it all began.  Right at the end.  In 2010 the Martha Stewart Weddings folks reached out for us. Interested in our lollipops as escort cards.  We said yes to the project and in December 2010 our lollipops made the Martha Stewart Weddings issue.  We have been making lollipops ever since.  Brides Magazine, Bust Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Amy Atlas...the list goes on.  Sometimes we need a pinch.  It hardly seems real. 

Our lollipops have been a whole lot less about flavor (they're yummy...don't get us wrong...) than about the way they look.  And since 2010 we have been exploring some seriously creative ideas in the lolllipop world.  Making our own molds, layering colors...anything to personalize the lollipop experience.  The edible art lollipops changed everything.

In September 2012, our Planet lollipops received worldwide attention and we were forced to make some super { sweet } changes pronto.  We had been making changes all year but it was go time! (Who watches The Next Great Baker???)  We opened a shop in Clarendon Hills, Illinois and said yes to the Christmas Walk.  The race was on to make the place pretty...stock our shelves (we're still working on that!) and since then, a short three months ago, we've hired two more people. 

And on that  note, here is the article we opened this first post with.  We hope you enjoyed our { sweet } introduction.  Thanks for being a fan and checking out our new site. 

2013 is going to bring some of our funnest ideas yet (is funnest a word?) and we can't wait to share.  So stop by again...check out our latest news.  Stay for awhile.  That's our plan.

Vintage Confections
{ sweet! }