Attention all artists! Design a lollipop and get paid!

We got to thinking the other day how awesome our lollipops are. I mean, no kidding, right? Awesome enough that we want to pay you for your designs!

Image courtesy of Kyle Lamere - Instagram

That's right.  So, here's the deal.  Are you an artist? Photographer? Starving student? 

  1. Design a lollipop
  2. Apply below including your digital artwork
  3. We'll list it on our website using your branding, name, website, etc. (see examples here)
  4. Tell your friends where they can buy your yummy designs!
  5. We send you money!

No way you say?

Apply now!  

Kyle used Vintage Confections lollipops at his art gallery opening - he did not sell or receive commissions for the sales of lollipops. The image above depicts his art encapsulated in sugar as gifts with purchase of his beautiful artwork.