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Cosmic Planet Lollipop® 10-piece set by I Want Candy!

The original planet to lollipops with a new cosmic color - a truly galactic and out of this world treat!

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Product Details:

These are the ORIGINAL planet lollipops with a New Cosmic TWIST!
A truly galactic and out of this world treat! 
New Cosmic Color backfilling and New Flavors!
You will receive: Sun (Bubble Gum), Mercury (Caramel Cream), Venus (Orange Cream Tangerine), Earth (Cotton Candy), Mars (Pear), Jupiter (Key Lime Pie), Saturn (Guava), Uranus (Marshmallow), Neptune (Raspberry) and Pluto (Apple Pie).
A flavor card is included with each pack along with a planet ID card so you know which planet you are enjoying! 
ALL lollipops are on wood sticks and individually wrapped.
Each lollipop weighs approximately 26g and stands about 4.5" high.
Gift Packaging Included.