About Vintage Confections & I Want Candy!

About Vintage Confections & I Want Candy!

Frequently asked question about Vintage Confections and I Want Candy!

Are we Vintage Confections?

No.  Vintage Confections closed on January 31st, 2018, but three managers from Vintage Confections decided to keep making candy and started their own business called I Want Candy!  With the blessing of former Vintage Confection owners (Heather Kelly & Cheryl Carr), I Want Candy!, LLC is now carrying on the tradition of making the same delicious and unique edible image lollipops.

We purchased the trademark for The Original Planet Lollipops from Vintage Confections and have continued to make the same quality Planet Lollipops that put Vintage Confections on the international map!  We also make the same Creature Eyes, Galaxies, & Design Your Own lollipops, along with many other new creations!

We also moved our kitchen back to its original location in downtown Clarendon Hills and gave it a face-lift.  The new and improved look of the retail store matches our vision and passion in making and selling quality candy!

 The I Want Candy! Team

I Want Candy currently consists of three owners: Tina Welch, Kris Magana, & Martha Daly, and one full time confectionist: Carla Rodriguez.

            Tina Welch is the former General Manager at Vintage Confections and was in charge of overseeing kitchen quality, recipes, and new products.  After less than one year of being on the staff, she created our amazing 24K Gold lollipops!  Now with I Want Candy!, she continues those same duties, plus takes all photographs of all our products for our website and social media, and is also our Chief Financial Officer.

            Kris Magana is the former Manager of Research and Development / Graphic Design Artist at Vintage Confections, and was responsible for creating all new lollipop designs. She also created the only true 3D Lollipop! Kris continues those same duties at I Want Candy!, but also manages social media and web content, and still finds the time to make lollipops!

            Martha Daly is the former Shipping Manager with Vintage Confections.  She was responsible for all shipping and receiving, as well as coordinating international shipments and deliveries.  Martha continues those same duties at I Want Candy! along with ordering products and managing the retail store.  She is also our Sales Director for commercial and wholesale customers.

            Carla Rodriquez started out in the unmolding department with Vintage Confections, and is now the Lead Confectionist with I Want Candy!  Carla is extremely fast and proficient when it comes to making our candy... there isn't a project that she can't do!

in order from left to right
Tina Welch, Carla Rodriguez, Kris Magana and Martha Daly