Fundraising - I Want Candy!

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We understand the challenges with raising funds for clubs, sporting events, schools, churches and teams!  And we get a lot of requests for donations.  It's difficult to choose one over another or be able to donate to every single one.

Our new "no work" fundraising opportunities give you a chance to offer sweet treats and make money for your cause.  The best part? You just need to invite us to your event or tell your audience what day to shop with us.

Candy fundraisers

How does it work?

There are two ways we will help you raise money:

First, we will either attend your event with a candy bar offering assorted bulk candies. Yes, the candies can have a theme! So if your colors are blue and orange, we can bring blue and orange candies. Raising money for breast cancer? We can do a whole table of pink candies. These are just examples of what we can do. Typically, we donate about 20% of our sales back to you and that includes custom lollipop orders taken on site for delivery later!  

Second, you pick a shopping day and we'll donate a portion of the proceeds back to you from that day. We will provide a flyer for your organization to bring into our store OR reference in your order online so we can track your benefits.

All you have to do is get the word out!
Contact us for more information.