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I Want Candy!.... Please HELP me with this lollipop designer!!!

Ack!!!!  If you have reached this page, we are TRULY sorry you're having trouble designing your lollipops. There is nothing sweet about that.  Every internet connection and computer are different so here are some helpful hints. If these don't help or you are simply out of energy, patience and time at this point, feel free to email us your images and we'll do them for you, send you a proof and email you an invoice! And don't worry - there is no charge for our help. If you aren't interested in trying again, no worries! Just EMAIL US!  We'll take care of your order for you right away. 

  For best results:

  • Chrome and Firefox work best
  • Image size: 300x300 px - rectangle size 400x700 px
  • File size: 5MB maximum
  • Image format: .jpg
  • Use a high speed internet connection
  • Yes - our designer works on tablets and mobile phones but it can be frustrating to click the images on your phone and resize them.  Watch for our app coming soon!!

Still having trouble?  EMAIL US your photos, tell us what style lollipop you want and the flavor. We'll do them for you, send you a proof and invoice.