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Vintage Confections Shelf Life

Hard candies *can* last a year or more.  Environmental conditions affect hard candy as they absorb moisture and can begin to appear sticky over time.  Images may start to become difficult to see as the sugars crystallize from environmental exposure.  Keep candy in a cool, dry place in a sealed container in their original vacuum sealed packages, if applicable. We do not recommend refrigeration.  Because we cannot control your environment we do not guarantee shelf life for more than nine months from receipt. Lot and date codes are included on all products.

Storage of our hard candy is the most important in sustaining good shelf life and visual presentation.  Cool temperatures and low humidity are critical (under 70 degrees Fahrenheit and less than 30% humidity).  All lollipops are individually sealed and sets can be vacuum packed to help preserve them.  The candy never “goes bad” but inherently sugar does crystallize over time resulting in a cloudy/white appearance.  Shipments are FOB from our warehouse in Darien, IL USA.  We strongly recommend that pieces remain in their vacuum packaging until they are ready to be sold.  If stored correctly, pieces can last well over nine months and in many cases much longer.  Because of the variability in storage conditions after shipment, we provide a product guarantee and replacement policy up to 8 weeks after the date of shipment.  For large volume (i.e. multiple cases) we can split orders into periodic shipments to assist with quicker inventory turnover and improved shelf stability.