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What's in the box? Information about candy subscription boxes

So, what's in the box anyway?  
There are a number of candy subscriptions out there...but we see things like, "hey I got my box but this month was all sour stuff.  I HATE sour candy!"  Wow...what a waste of money we thought.  So, we decided it would be a good idea to let you pick a theme - tell us what you like!!  Who wants a box of candy they'll have to give away or toss in the trash?  Read below for the types of candies you can expect to receive:
I love gummies - Inside this box will be fresh, chewy delicious gummies like gummi bears, Swedish fish, gummi worms.  This box won't have sour stuff unless you say so!

Jelly bean box - Inside this box will be fresh, delicious jelly beans of all kinds.  We carry Jelly Belly but this box may include other jelly bean varieties as well.

I love everything - Inside this box will be anything and everything sweet, sour, salty, chocolatey - it means you want an assortment of anything!  Bring on the variety!

I need chocolate - This box will be nothing but chocolate.  Chocolate covered milk balls, chocolate covered gummi bears, chocolate covered graham crackers - all chocolate all day long!

Make me pucker  - Not everyone loves the sour candies but if you do this box is for you!  We have sour gummies, and all kinds of amazing sour novelties that will pucker your palate.

Army box - This is an assortment of candies with an Army/soldier theme and a Crispy Cake.  It includes a Vintage Confections lollipop!

Birthday box - Gummi bears, Smarties, Birthday cake saltwater taffy, Bertie Bots Jelly Bellies, Super Rope, Rainbow Crispery Cake, Custom lollipop

Muy caliente - Fireballs, cinnamon gummi bears, spicy Jelly Bellies, Hot Tamales and a "beer" (Beer Jelly Bellies) and burgers (gummi) to wash it down.
Tell us at check out what you like and what you don't like!  If we have any questions we'll email you!