What's new on Monday, March 9? - I Want Candy!

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What's new on Monday, March 9?

{ sweet } stuff coming March 9
In stock products, improved communications, reduced shipping costs, reliable tracking and more!

We are excited to reopen this Monday with some super { sweet } changes to how we do business.  If you have ordered from us in the past you know that it can take some time to make your candy! Blah.  Waiting is no fun and we feel your frustration!  Starting March 9 we will have our most popular items in stock and ready to ship within 48 hours.  Planets, Nebulas, Galaxies, our brand new Psychedelic Smoke lollipops are among those we will have ready to go!  No more waiting for the most popular candies we offer.  If you don't see the candy you want, sign up for an alert on our website...we'll notify you when these candies are in stock and they'll ship within 48 hours of ordering.  

You'll get an email from us confirming your order.  We will then follow up with you as your custom orders make their way through the production process. When our kitchen has started making your custom candy, you'll know!  When our shipping department receives your order, you'll get an email!  Tracking will be emailed to you and the best part?  All packages will offer door-to-door tracking thanks to our new partnership with Federal Express.  Speaking of shipping....

You already know case packs ship for free worldwide.  Starting March 9, all domestic orders over $85 will ship for free.  International orders over $800 ship for free too!  Not just case packs!

Follow us on Instagram today! Share pictures of you, your friends and family enjoying your lollipops.  #vintageconfections and we may share your pictures on our Instagram page.  Get social with us!  

We have loads of awesome designs to share!  We will announce them on our home page when they're ready to ship.  When they're gone, you can sign up for a notification when we have them ready to go again!

Swing over to our website asap and sign up for inventory alerts today!  The sooner we know what you want, the sooner we'll get it going and have it ready for you!  Opening inventory on March 9 will be first come first served but we'll be updating inventory often!

If you are still waiting for an order placed before our closure, we do still have some orders that we are working on and we do expect to have all outstanding orders shipped in the next 5-7 business days. Feel free to check the status of your order on our website.
We can't wait to put all of these { sweet } changes to work for you.  See you in 5 days!!!

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