Bowling party lollipops by I Want Candy! (20pc)

Product Details:

Inspired by a retro bowling invitation we made these lollipops as favors for the lucky guests! The pins and balls are hand-painted. You'll receive 10 pins and 10 balls with your order. Pins come standard in white as shown with the red stripe/diamond and black baseline (which we did to match the invite). Balls can be nearly any color you want and we hand-paint the finger holes onto the top. These pops come on 4.5" wood sticks (it worked for the retro style of our invitation) but we can do white paper sticks if you prefer. Pins and balls are 3D (pins are painted on the back as well with the two red stripes and the black base stripe. The diamond appears only on the "front". Can we do them different?  Yes we can.  Our lollipops are fully customizable. 


Individually wrapped. One flavor per order. There is no gift box with this set. Pieces are carefully packaged in vacuum sealed bags to keep them from shifting during transit.  3 flavor combinations available.  Pins will be done in one flavor and bowling balls in the other.

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