Mystery Message edible art lollipops

Product Details:

Important note: images on these lollipops are hidden until you lick them. If you need to know what messages are on each piece, please include a note! They're a mystery once we make them and you will not be able to see which lollipop has which message on them.
"will you marry me?" "want to go to prom?" Surprise your special someone with a mystery message lollipop! Mystery Message Lollipops contain hidden messages until you lick them!  Pretty opalescent pops but after a few licks you'll surprise them with a personalized message.
What does your pop say? How many licks does it take to get to your special saying? Find out. Six pieces to an order. Individually wrapped. Before and after pictures shown.

Choose from 8 different flavors

ALL lollipops are individually wrapped.
Each lollipop weighs approximately 26g and stands about 4.5" high.


Separate 6 secret messages with commas

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